Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In Alabama, we have several bed and breakfasts. Ours is in the central part of the state between Birmingham, Al and Anniston Al on beautiful Lake Logan Martin. We are approximately half way between Stemley Bridge and Clear Creek on the Talladega side of the lake. There is a small island out in front of our cove which used to have goats on it, but now is uninhabited---(some old goats --2 legged ones go out every once in a while---).
We have a white sandy beach and usually have colorful umbrellas out during the weekends--our house a lots of windows and is across the street from our beach, dock and pier. Stop by if you see us out on the porch or dock and yell hey Richard and Ellen. We enjoy our neighbors and visitors.

Look us up on the website for more info: or call @866-670-7378--richard


  1. We just returned from the Governors' conference on travel and tourism and boy did we learn a lot!
    Baby Boomers are coming of age and are expected to hit the road and travel. Statistics show overwhelmingly that they were choosing b&bs' to visit and were planning trips regaurdless of the econmy. People as a whole are still making choices to travel to celebrate something they are emotionally connected to---wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation, wedding and reunions. Alabama bed and breakfast inns should have great business the next 20 years as these boomers mature and retire (not necessarily in that order).