Wednesday, August 26, 2009

River Rest, A Bed, Breakfast and Beyond

Welcome to our Blog. We have lots of answers to questions that you might have about bed and breakfasts.

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  1. Yeah! This is the last day of short days--Daylight savings time begins tommorrow. We will have a full day of sunshine to look at a full plus lake. (It may come a little out of the banks). Lots of ways during warmer weather and longer days to make B&B more fun. Rides around the peninsula in the golf carts, walking the trails and jumping deer, following our now resident owl around and making him continously try to figure out who we are (I think he has partzeimers---he keeps asking who, who, who, we are)! Time to cook Breakfast here at River Rest in Sweet Home Alabama----can you smell the applewood bacon frying----and all this time I thought bacon came from turkeys and pigs! Good times, great days and peace to your heart. Rich